Definitions of Geometry

Geometry Definition


Geometry can be defined as the system of concepts, in which a few ideas were initialized to derive the big ones. These kind of systems are said to be Deductive systems. It tells you the deduction concepts and consequence logic's, which can be applied throughout your life time . In this article, you can learn about the basic definitions of geometry.

To learn the basic definitions of geometry:

         Here we are going to learn about the basic terms which we are used in the geometry.Like Point, line,angles,Plane, Ray etc..


To learn Basic Definitions of Geometry:


Definition of Point:

            A Point can be defined as the basic object of geometry. It can be represented by a capital letter or a dot. A point have no dimensions, it just denote a position.Now we are move to learn about other types of points that we aare used in the Geometry.

Collinear points:

            Collinear Points are the points, which lie on the same line. If the points doesn't lie on the line, then those points are said to be non collinear points.


            A point which seperates a line segments into two equal parts is called as midpoint



Learn about line,Ray and Plane in geometry.


Definition of Line:

            A line can be defined as the connection of many points. The line having only one dimension, i.e., length.The name of the line segment can be denoted with the name of two end points.

 Definition of Plane:

            A Plane can be defined as the infinite set of points combined to form a flat surface, it can be extended infinitely in any directions. A plane has length and width infinetely, but no height. Its normally a four sided geometric figure. It can be represented by a single upper case letter.

 Definition of Ray:

            A ray can be defined as a line having one fixed end point and an infinite extension on the other end.